Our Story

La Mojarra Loca’s cuisine is strongly inspired by Jalisco’s Bahia Tenacatita. Our founder, who moved from Mexico at the age of 16 started his working journey at Ontario California in 1986. His dream was to be able to buy a truck for his dad back in his hometown. From working plenty of positions such as dishwasher, busboy, chef, kitchen manager and floor manager he developed a huge passion for the food and beverage industry. He dreamed of one day owning his own restaurant.

In 1991, after working long hours and gaining great experience, our founder met his wife at the workplace. They started a family and realized that together they shared the love for food and hospitality.

In 2005 they moved to Las Vegas and considered that as a family they could potentially open their own restaurant. After lots of hard work and dedication, together they opened their first location in 2008. With the help of their sons and daughter and all their experience combined, they were able to expand to a second location in 2011.

In 2015, they happily opened their third location that also includes a full bar as a result of their continued hard work and determination.

The secret to their success is their family values, exclusive recipes and love for serving others while honoring their roots and culture through food.


2797 S Maryland Pkwy.
Las Vegas

821 N Lamb Blvd.
Las Vegas

310 E Lake Mead Blvd.
North Las Vegas

3520 N Rancho Dr.
Las Vegas
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